Amish Community

The areas surrounding Spartansburg are home to many Amish families. They are an important part of our economy and often participate in community events.Some families operate farms or lumber mills. Others have businesses that are open to the public. While photography is not welcomed, conversation often is, and can lead to learning about adifferent culture and way of life.

The Amish believe in the simple life.

  • The need for electricity and modern tools is not essential for their day to day living.
  • The men wear any muted solid color handmade shirt, large 
    brimmed straw or black felt hat, and blue handmade pants with leather suspenders.
  • The women may wear any muted solid color handmade dress.
  • The Amish community conducts no business on Sundays.
  • Cameras and picture taking are never allowed.

Download the Amish Businesses Brochure (pdf)

amish brochure2023

Download the Amish Carpenter Directory (pdf)

amish carpenters brochure